Scope-of-Work Categories

After meeting with the Principals for the 1-on-1 meetings, the Master Plan diagrams were revised. Estimated costs were developed, aligning with the Master Plan diagrams.

17 project scope categories were developed to help define the work proposed at each site:

  1. Repair and Refresh
  2. Reconfigure Existing Classrooms
  3. Classrooms New Construction
  4. Science, Arts, and Electives
  5. Student Union and Food Service
  6. Library and Elementary Assembly Spaces
  7. Student Support and Counseling Spaces
  8. Administration and Staff Support
  9. Event Center
  10. Existing Building Systems, Toilets, and Improved Energy Efficiency
  11. Site Utilities
  12. Safety and Security 
  13. Campus Arrival: Parking, Drop-Off and Entry Plaza
  14. Outdoor Learning Environments and Quads
  15. Exterior Play Spaces, Playfields and Hardcourts
  16. Flexible Furniture
  17. Technology Infrastructure and Equipment