Overview of Contents

Facility Assessments

Facilities Condition Assessments provide detailed information on the current state of existing school and program support sites in the District. LPA has partnered with EMG to perform this inventory. Each team of designers and engineers walks each campus and meets with Maintenance and Operations staff and school site representatives to observe and document the functionality and existing condition of each building, utility and site systems in need of repair, upgrade and/or replacement. The resulting assessments help guide cost-effective maintenance and renewal strategies.

Site Use and Functionality Assessment

LPA’s assessment of the school sites within Cupertino USD focus on the site’s usage and its ability to support the existing and desired functions. These assessments were informed by the following:

  • Online survey to principals
  • In-person principal interview and site walk
  • Focus group meetings with Maintenance and Operations trade groups
  • Measure H Bond Program Progress Report dated September 24, 2019

These assessments represent a snapshot in time, during September of 2019.

Each site’s Facility Condition Assessment is comprised of:

  • Site Data: Includes information about the school facility such as address, site size, year constructed, grades served, Measure H project history, and modular classroom counts.  
  • Principal Priorities: Each principal was asked to provide his/her top priorities for the school, taken during the in-person interview. These vary from maintenance items to transformative changes to facilities to better help the implementation of current or desired programs. 
  • Focus Group Input: Focus group interviews were held with the district’s various Maintenance and Operation trade groups in July.  These interviews identified the condition of various site elements such as hardcourts and playfields, building elements and systems, technology, utilities and infrastructure, and student nutrition services. For additional, detailed information on the condition of the sites, see the Technical Site Assessment portion of the Facility Needs Assessment.
  • Site Use and Functionality Review: This section documents notable uses of spaces and the site’s input related to the various space types.  The principal ratings indicated were received during the online survey.
  • Representative Site Photos: Includes photographs of the facility and site during LPA’s site observation in late September 2019.
  • Existing Site Plan Diagram(s): Indicates existing building placement and room usage.  

Technical Site Assessment

EMG’s facility assessments took place from September to November 2019.  The primary purpose of this report is to locate and evaluate materials and building system defects that might significantly affect the value of the school site property and to determine if the present site has conditions that will have a significant impact on its continued operations.  

The Facilities Master Plan identifies needs over a projected 10-year period, as such the Technical Site Assessment identifies costs that may be expected within the next 10 years. The costs shown in this assessment identify anticipated costs of existing buildings and systems, assuming these buildings and systems will remain in place for the next 10 years. This assessment does not identify the addition of systems (such as adding HVAC equipment to a currently unconditioned space). The costs identified herein will help inform the Facilities Master Plan’s cost estimate, should a building remain in the master plan diagram.

The conclusions and recommendations presented in this report are based on the brief review of the plans and records made available to EMG’s Project Manager during the site visit, interviews of available property management personnel and maintenance contractors familiar with the property, appropriate inquiry of municipal authorities, EMG’s Project Manager’s walk-through observation during the site visit, and EMG’s experience with similar properties.