Stakeholder input is integral to a successful Facilities Master Plan. Their participation ensures that the Master Plan solutions truly addresses the needs of the school sites and their broader communities as well as the academic vision of the District. 

Facilities Master Plan Committee (FMPC)

The FMPC is comprised of a diverse group of District leadership, school site representatives, civic organizations staff, and local community stakeholders. Meetings are intended to develop broad visioning concepts and to review and provide input on the development of the site master plans and the proposed prioritization of projects. Participants on the committee function as communication ambassadors to their representative stakeholder groups. Presentations and meeting minutes will be available for download shortly after each meeting.

Focus Groups

Individual meetings are held with the District’s various trades and department heads as part of the information-gathering phase of the master planning process. Conversations revolve around the existing operations (staff, space uses, and functionality), inquire about the ideal configuration of each department or trade, and the overarching goals for District management. The groups engaged for this process have been: Educational Services, various Maintenance and Operations Trades, Student Nutrition Services, Information Technology, and Transportation and Garage.

Learning Spaces Visioning Charrette

The focus group with the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services was just the first step in the development of the Educational Program Vision. Taking information learned during the initial Focus Group meeting, a charrette (workshop) was later held with the District’s Educational Services Directors and Instructional Coaches to better understand the way programs are currently being implemented and how facilities could better assist the learning environment.  

The activities focused on visioning for future possibilities of space design in line with the themes found within the District’s Strategic Plan. Activity boards contained prompts to help guide the desired feedback as well as image boards for the participants to express their thoughts and gain inspiration. The charrette provided valuable information for the design team and encouraged participants to dream big and think about the connection between physical spaces and learning goals.

School Site Committees (SSC)

Each site forms its own SSC who are intended to interact with the planning team to develop and confirm the specific master plan proposal for each site in the District. The expectations of an SSC member are to attend their school’s Town Hall meeting in January 2020, engage their local community stakeholders while the Draft Master Plans remain at their site for review, and inform a follow-up 1-on-1 meeting with LPA in February 2020. The 1-on-1 meeting is the site’s chance to relay feedback on the Draft Master Plan diagrams.

Town Hall

Open to the entire Cupertino USD community, attendees also include the FMPC and SSCs. Following a presentation on the Facilities Master Plan process-to-date, attendees view the Draft Master Plan proposals and are encouraged to react, make written comments, and ask questions of the design team. At the conclusion of the Town Hall, the Draft Master Plans will return to their respective school site where they will be available for viewing and stakeholder input.

See the schedule below for the Town Hall schedule.

Board of Education

Throughout the process, LPA gives periodic updates to the Cupertino USD Board of Education.  

  • December 19th– FMP Process Update, for information only
  • April 23rd– Draft FMP Board Workshop
  • June 4th– Final FMP Presentation
FMP Committee Meeting #1 October 15, 2019
FMP Committee Meeting #2 November 19, 2019
Town Hall Meeting #1 January 14, 2020
FMP Committee Meeting #4 March 17, 2020