Encinitas Union School District’s Mission

‘Our mission is to assist our children to value learning and to be successful in school, society and work by providing a challenging and nurturing learning experience. We work in partnership with family and community preparing children to be leaders in a diverse, ever-changing world.’

Encinitas Union School District’s Vision

‘The District’s focus on high academic standards, accountability and service to the community will result in success for our diverse students. Our students, as participants in a global information society, will be in the forefront of technology. They will embrace diversity and innovation and be proactive in creating collaborative learning experiences. Opening the window to the world, students will be motivated to gain knowledge in mathematics, science and language arts. With dedicated adults demonstrating a love for life-long learning, our students will begin a journey using the arts and physical activities to encourage students’ multiple intelligences and learning styles. Utilizing a strong research-based curriculum, students are empowered with experiences, resources and information they need to be successful.’

Encinitas Union School District Foundational Beliefs

Encinitas Union School District LCAP Goals 

Encinitas Union School District Green Initiatives

Superintendent’s PTA Presentation– Fall 2019

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