Total Program Cost

After meeting with the Principals for the 1-on-1 meetings, the Master Plan diagrams were revised. Estimated costs were applied to the Master Plan diagrams.

Twelve project scope categories were developed to help define the work proposed at each site:

  1. Reconfiguration of Undersized Classrooms & Modernization
  2. Existing Building Systems and Toilets
  3. Site Utilities
  4. New Construction (Classrooms)
  5. Enrichment Programs
  6. MPR / Food Service Improvements
  7. Administration and Staff Support
  8. Media Center and Learning Resource Centers
  9. Safety / Security, Drop-off / Parking & ADA Improvements
  10. Outdoor Learning Environments, Quads and Curb Appeal
  11. Exterior Play Spaces, Playfields and Hardcourts
  12. Technology Infrastructure

All costs shown are in 2020 dollars. For planning purposes, once a project moves forward to Board approval, the District’s Facilities & Maintenance should escalate these costs to the midpoint of project construction.

Due to their unpredictable nature, the following items are excluded from the cost estimate:

  • Utility hook-up fees & City connection fees
  • Off-site work and traffic signals
  • Land acquisition costs
  • Temporary classroom costs
  • Hazardous material surveys, abatement, and disposal
  • Escalation (costs are in 2020 dollars)