FMP Process

A Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is strategic in nature. It identifies a vision for the next 10 to 15 years. The FMP Process is designed to reflect the community of Encinitas Union School District through transparent and stakeholder outreach. These are important conversations; they will establish the foundation for implementable recommendations that benefit the students, staff and community.

There are four primary components of a Facilities Master Plan, as illustrated in the diagram below.

  1. EUSD’s Educational Vision—How do students want to learn, and teachers want to teach?
  2. Facilities Assessment—What condition are the existing facilities in?
  3. Demographics Review—How many students will be attending each school?
  4. Financial Analysis—How will improvements be funded?

These four components provide the data that inform the master plan diagrams. Throughout the process, collaboration with school site committees and District leadership will help shape the vision that is reflective of Encinitas USD. Additional input from the larger community will contribute to further understanding the needs.

After a thorough review and revision process, a master plan diagram for each school site will be finalized and estimated for cost. Priorities will be established at both a site-specific level as well as a District-wide level, providing data points for the Board of Education and District Leadership to use in determining a path forward for implementation.