Lakewood Tech EQ


750 Lakechime Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089


Current Enrollment (2020/21): 409

Grades Served: PK-5, including TK

Original Construction Date: 1958

Number of Portable Classrooms: 5

Recent Improvements:

2010: New Library

2014/15: Comprehensive renovation

  • Underground utility replacement
  • New Classrooms
  • Existing Classroom renovation


Top Priorities:

  1. Restrooms
  2. Electronic marquee
  3. Shade at playground


This site has a unique focus on technology and emotional wellness.


General Education Classrooms

principal rating: 4/5 stars

  • This site has a partnership with a Preschool program that leases spaces on-site that shares the Kindergarten play yard with Lakewood’s program.
  • The principal reports that many of the classroom windows are not operational and would like to increase natural ventilation.

Special Education Classrooms

principal rating: 4/5 stars

  • The site hosts two (2) Mild/Moderate Special Education classes, one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5. The K-2 classroom is near restrooms but to not have direct access to toileting facilities.

Student Services / Counseling

principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • Student services and counseling are housed within full-size classrooms.
  • The principal would like an ‘emotional reset room’ and flexibility within the site to develop their program for emotional wellness.

Staff and Administrative Spaces

principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • Room 3 is a traditional classroom currently used as the main office for the Preschool program. Mobile partitions have been placed to create a small-group meeting/assessment space.
  • Professional Development occurs in the Faculty Lounge and in the Library (for all-staff events).

Kitchen / Cafeteria / Food Service

principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • Students access meals from the serving windows within the Multi-Purpose Room at the kitchen and eat at the tables within the Multi-Purpose Room.
  • The Kindergarten play yard has a small lunch shelter with tables. The Lower and Upper Primary grades do not have a lunch shelter.

Student Assembly

principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • Student assembly takes place within the Multi-Purpose Room.


principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • The Library has low, mobile book stacks and perimeter shelving. At the perimeter, only the lower three (3) of the five (5) shelves are used for books, to ensure student access to all material. Furniture in the Library consists of large tables and plastic/metal chairs.

Physical Education / Athletics Buildings

principal rating: not rated

  • This site does not have interior basketball/sport courts.

Outdoor Play Equipment / Hardcourts

  • The site has separate structures for Upper and Lower Primary play and a unified hardcourt area.
  • The Kindergarten play yard is shared with the leased Preschool program and the site TK class.

Specialized Elective Spaces

  • The site has a Computer Lab attached to the Library that is used regularly by Lower Primary grades and for testing. While the site is 1:1 for student devices, this Computer Lab holds more robust machines that students utilize for projects.
  • The principal indicated a desire to expand or reconfigure the Computer Lab.
  • The site has two (2) other Program Rooms, the larger of the two is outside of campus security. A third room is used by the KLAS Starting Arts program.


  • The restrooms were not included in the recent modernization and experience overflows and other issues. The principal also would like additional staff restrooms throughout the site.
  • The SDC K-2 classroom and some Preschool classrooms do not have adjacent toileting facilities.


  • The site has mini-gardens between the classroom wings with enhanced paving and landscaping.


  • The Multi-Purpose Room has a wall-mount, long-throw projector.
  • The Library has a wall-mount LCD screen.
  • Classrooms primarily have a ceiling-mount projector. Some have wall-mount LCD screen or mobile LCD screen.
  • The Program Room and Faculty Lounge have a ceiling-mount projector.

Revised 3/9/22

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