Columbia Middle School


739 Morse Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 9408


Current Enrollment (2020/21): 641

Grades Served: 6-8

Original Construction Date: 1955

Number of Portable Classrooms: 6

Recent Improvements:

  • Underground utilities
  • Paint
  • 2009: New MPR and Girls Lockers
  • 2012: Modernization


Top Priorities:

  1. Classroom technology, including voice amplification/speakers
  2. Electives spaces: Maker Space and Science
  3. Boys locker room


General Education Classrooms

principal rating: 4/5 stars

  • The classrooms are organized in a series of finger wings with exterior space between. Classrooms are all connected by a covered walkway. Rooms 35, 36, and 37 are Science-ready.

Special Education Classrooms

principal rating: 4/5 stars

  • The site hosts two (2) Mild/Moderate and two (2) Moderate/Severe Special Education classes. Only one (1) of the Moderate/Severe classrooms has adjoining toileting facilities.

Student Services / Counseling

principal rating: 4/5 stars

  • RSP, OT, and Speech are dispersed throughout the site. Three (3) standard classrooms are used for RSP and OT. Speech has a small office at the end of a classroom wing.
  • The principal indicates a need for additional offices for counselors.

Staff and Administrative Spaces

principal rating: 4/5 stars

  • The principal is not pleased with the flow of the Admin Office.
  • The Main Office is clearly identifiable as the main point of entry.

Kitchen / Cafeteria / Food Service

principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • The site has an interior servery with many food options for students. Students dine under the lunch shelter and throughout the site.

Student Assembly

principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • Assemblies take place in the Multi-Purpose Room as do Choral and Music performances.


principal rating: 5/5 stars

  • The Library has tall, perimeter book shelves and low, mobile shelves. The furniture includes large tables that flip vertically for storage, plastic/metal chairs, and some soft seating.

Physical Education / Athletics Buildings

principal rating: 3/5 stars

  • The Multi-Purpose Room has striping for a full-size basketball court and retractable backstops as well as four (4) rows of bleachers on one side.
  • The site also has a Gymnasium that is shared with the community and the Columbia Neighborhood Center.
  • The Girls Locker Rooms were newly constructed with the Multi-Purpose Room. The Boys Locker Room is attached to the Gym and are in poor condition.

Outdoor Play Equipment / Hardcourts

  • No issues were reported with the hardcourt area.

Specialized Elective Spaces

  • The Choir room used to be the site’s Wood Shop and is being considered to become a Maker Space. The room has perimeter storage cabinets along two (2) walls and an adjacent work room.
  • The Music room is a very large space with perimeter storage and two (2) small practice rooms.
  • The Art room has tall storage cabinets and an adjoining kiln room. The furniture consists of long work tables and chairs.
  • The Science classrooms have perimeter casework with sinks and gas for labs. Lab tables are not fixed in place. The room has a large demonstration table at the front with a sink and gas hookup. The front of the room also has an eye-wash station and shower. The room has a ventilation hood that was used for storage at the time of the site visit.


  • The principal reports the restrooms to be functioning properly, however the finishes need repair and updating.


  • The site has an analog marquee at the front of school.
  • The school has two (2) drop-off areas along Morse Ave. The principal would like secured parking for teachers and staff.
  • The school garden is adjacent to the Science rooms.
  • The areas in between the finger-wing buildings have been upgraded with concrete paving, benches, and landscaping.


  • Updated technology is needed site-wide.

Revised 3/9/22

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