Scope-of-Work Categories

After meeting with the Principals for the 1-on-1 meetings, the Master Plan diagrams were revised. Estimated costs were applied to the Master Plan diagrams.

16 project scope categories were developed to help define the work proposed at each site:

  • Modernize, Repair, and Site Utilities
  • Reconfigure Existing Classrooms
  • Classrooms New Construction
  • Science, Arts, CTE, and Electives
  • Performing Arts
  • MUR, Student Union, and Food Service
  • Physical Education Facilities
  • Administration and Staff Support
  • Media Center and Student Support Services
  • New and Reconfigured Restrooms
  • Safety and Security
  • Parking, Drop-Off and Entry Plaza
  • Outdoor Learning Environments and Quads
  • Exterior Play Spaces, Playfields & Hardcourts
  • Next Generation Classroom Flexibility (Furniture)
  • Classroom Technology and Infrastructure