Total Program Cost

After meeting with the Principals for the 1-on-1 meetings, the Master Plan diagrams were revised. Estimated costs were applied to the Master Plan diagrams.

All costs shown are in 2019 dollars. For planning purposes, once a project moves forward to Board approval, the District’s Facilities & Maintenance should escalate these costs to the midpoint of project construction.

The following items are excluded from this budget:
Utility hook-up fees & City connection fees
Off-site work and traffic signals
Land acquisition costs
Temporary classrooms
Hazardous material surveys, abatement and disposal
Escalation (costs are in 2019$)

Costs reflected herein include a combination of immediate needs and long-term visioning:
Repair and maintenance costs identified in the Facility Needs Assessments (immediate needs)
Campus improvements to align with the district’s vision as developed through extensive stakeholder engagement and the Educational Specifications (long-term visioning)